Bocopa on the Water… The Spaniards have crossed through Panama

Bocopa on the Water in Panama Map
Bocopa on the Water in Panama Map

Modern GPS Marine ship Tracking is letting us follow the arrival of the Seaspan Container ship Felixstowe as it makes its way to Vancouver. The Vessel that is carrying our espumante, organic white and reds and some quality table wine from Valencia Spain.

It was King Ferdinand of Spain who financed Christopher Columbus`Travels and Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa also of Spain who, in 1513, became the first European to discover that the Isthmus of Panama was just a slim land bridge separating the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


Premium Awards Stand Out on the shelf and in the glass
Premium Awards Stand Out on the shelf and in the glass

We are excited to share the history, news and information of Spain with all who have interest in the background behind the product that is on this ship. As the wine gets closer to arrival in our port we will begin to post details of the varietals from Bodegas Bocopa, Alicante DO Spain so that you too can share in the anticipation that theses historical figures have made possible for us today.

By reaching back further we one can almost hear the clatter of men working on their ships and before them the Romans who occupied this region building castles to establish viticulture in an area that provides much richness from the soil into the fruit that the good People at Bocopa harvest and convert to the wonderful product soon to arrive here in BC.

Join us as we welcome the flavour of these Spanish wine selections to celebrate our enthusiasm for the  land it comes from with appreciation for the culture and history that surrounds the making of premium quality old world wine of distinction.

Bocopa Vinos del Mediterraneo


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