Laudumn alcanta-crianza Gold Medal ImageInbound and scheduled for delivery to welcome January 5th,2016 look for limited availability via BCLDB Customer Service or ask for Laudum at your favorite Local Licenced Private Store as we get ready to Embrace Spain with our first shipment from Alicante DO “Laudum Crianza” featuring Certified Organic Spaniah Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Deep cherry red in colour the wine presents an aroma rich in spices and vanilla.

Perfectly integrated with 16 month of oak Cask aging, giving Alicante Laudum Crianza a balanced and meaty palate, with all the structure and persistence one expects of a full-bodied wine. It was this Wine, that captured our attention to initiate this import story.

Ideal for accompanying meats, cheeses, rice dishes, Laudum Crianza this is a wine to enjoy on its own or with any variety of formal or informal plates.

Join us as we Embrace Spain to welcome Wine from Bodegas Bocopa, where Alicante DO is robustly influenced by the climate and terroir of Valencias white, sun bleached Mediterranean shores.


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