Don Mantillon – Motorsports

The Heart of a Champion.

Fuel-Altered, side by side race cars are described as “wildly unpredictable” by the NHRA. With an estimated 3,000HP under the hood, the extreme power to weight ratio and short wheel base makes for exciting race action and a unique story to unfold.

A Hot Rod design popularized in the California car culture of the 50’s and 60’s the car features an Iconic 1948 Fiat “Topolino” body style. Italian for “Little Mouse” this Alcohol and Nitro-Methane burning 511 Cubic inch V-8-hemi purrs like a kitten.

You can see the car in action this weekend, May 13 and 14, 2017 at Mission Raceway Park, BC, Canada.

Don Mantillon welcomes you to enjoy the sport of Auto Racing. please have a safe commute and never drink and drive.


Learn more at visit the Don Mantillon / Nitro Brother Racing fan page. Subscribe to the news letter to win prizes.

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